BMC Software

TrueSight Pulse responds to fluid IT demands with SaaS-based monitoring for real-time visibility into web-scale application metrics helping DevOps teams detect and diagnose problems fast.


API Paths

Update Action (PUT) /actions/{action_id} OpenAPI
List Actions (GET) /actions OpenAPI
Create Action (POST) /actions OpenAPI
Get Actions (Alerts) List (GET) /api/{version}/actions OpenAPI
Custom_events All?fromUtc={fromUtc}&toUtc={toUtc} (GET) /custom_events/all?fromUtc={fromUtc}&toUtc={toUtc} OpenAPI
Events?message={message}&severity={severity}&timestamp_utc_from={timestamp_utc_from}&timestamp_utc_to={timestamp_utc_to} (GET) /events?message={message}&severity={severity}&timestamp_utc_from={timestamp_utc_from}&timestamp_utc_to={timestamp_utc_to} OpenAPI
Available metrics () /metrics/definitions OpenAPI
Dynamic metrics () /metrics/dynamicgraphs/ OpenAPI
Get list of active metrics (GET) /metrics OpenAPI
Delete Account Mobile Device (DELETE) /v1/account/mobile-devices/:accountDeviceId OpenAPI
Get details of an installed action (GET) /v1/actions/installed/:actionId OpenAPI
Delete Alarm (DELETE) /v1/alarm/:alarmId OpenAPI
Update Alarm (PUT) /v1/alarm/:alarmId OpenAPI
Update metrics batch (PUT) /v1/batch/metrics OpenAPI
Delete Hostgroup (DELETE) /v1/hostgroups/:hostgroupId OpenAPI
Get Hostgroup by Id (GET) /v1/hostgroups/:hostgroupId OpenAPI
Search Hostgroups (GET) /v1/hostgroups/search OpenAPI
Add measures (POST) /v1/measurements OpenAPI
Registration (POST) /v1/meter/:meterName/registration OpenAPI
Get actions for a dashboard (GET) /v1/metrics/dashactions/:dashboardSetId OpenAPI
Update metric (PUT) /v1/metrics/:metricName OpenAPI
Create metric (POST) /v1/metrics OpenAPI
Delete Mobile Device (DELETE) /v1/mobile-devices/:userDeviceId OpenAPI
Get plugin (GET) /v1/plugins/:plugin OpenAPI
Remove private plugin (DELETE) /v1/plugins/private/:plugin OpenAPI
Add private plugin (PUT) /v1/plugins/private/:plugin/:org/:repo OpenAPI
Set Relay Heartbeat (POST) /v1/relays/heartbeat OpenAPI
Get Relay Configuration (GET) /v1/relays/:relay/config OpenAPI
Toggle relay (POST) /v1/relays/:relay/toggle OpenAPI
Toggle relay plugin (POST) /v1/relays/:relay/togglePlugin OpenAPI
Remove Old Sources By Name (DELETE) /v1/sources/byName OpenAPI
Delete Alarm (DELETE) /v2/alarms/:alarmId OpenAPI
Update Alarm (PUT) /v2/alarms/:alarmId OpenAPI